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Intensive anti-cellulite* contouring body care.

Phyto-Svelt Global is an intensive anti-cellulite* contouring body care product providing comprehensive action on curves and stubborn cellulite. A unique combination of plant-based active ingredients for targeted effectiveness and visible results: cellulite deposits are smoothed and the skin is firmer. The hips, thighs, and stomach are visibly contoured, the body looks as if it has been resculpted, and the silhouette is more svelte. Phyto-Svelt Global is a fine, fresh, and silky emulsion that is quickly absorbed, allowing you to get dressed soon after application.

As soon as it is applied, it creates a sense of freshness and well-being, leaving legs feeling lighter. The body appears as if it has been resculpted, the silhouette is svelter.

* refers to the appearance of cellulite.

Apply the product twice a day on problem areas and massage in until it has been completely absorbed.

Application suggestions:

1. On the thighs
- Work upward from the knees to the hips using a light, hand-over-hand smoothing motion, then smooth in deeply to improve circulation. (If necessary, this motion may be used on the arms as well.)
- With two hands, encircle the thighs, pressing firmly from bottom to top to stimulate drainage.

2. On the stomach and/or buttocks
- With flat hands, massage in the product using circular movements, moving from the center toward the exterior, covering the hips.

As soon as it is applied, Phyto-Svelt Glboal creates a sense of freshness and well-being, leaving legs feeling lighter. Skin is hydrated, more toned, firmer, and left feeling renewed. Day after day, the body is resculpted and the silhouette is svelter.

Bitter Orange blossom, Caffeine, Cedrol, Coriander fruit, Rice, and Lotus: contouring active ingredients;
Shea butter: nourishes, soothes, repairs, softens and protects;
Colza oil: nourishes;
Rosemary (essential oil): purifies and stimulates;
Sage (essential oil): stimulates;
Lavender (essential oil): soothes and balances;
Marjoram (essential oil): soothes;
Soy: firms and stimulates collagen synthesis;
Alkekengi Calyx: fights against oxidant stress;
Plant-origin Glycerin: hydrates

Size : 200ml


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